Premium Dog Food

The Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Premium Dog Food

Is premium dog food really better for your pet than some of the more inexpensive brands?  Can your dog’s health benefit from a switch to premium food?  The answer to those questions seems to be a resounding “yes,” at least that’s what veterinarians and pet owners across the country are saying. 

You may think all dog food is alike, but recent studies seem to indicate that’s not exactly true.  According to researchers, inexpensive dog food is loaded with preservatives, fillers, by-products and additives that not only take away from the nutritional value of the food, but may actually pose long-term health risks to your pet.  Premium dog food, or food which is made and packaged without the harmful additives and preservatives of the inexpensive brands, can provide your dog with all the nutrients he needs, and may in fact help keep your pet healthier throughout the course of his life. Andrew Lewis of Dog Food Secrets knows that some days we will not be able to home cook for our companion, therefore, Lewis introduces The Confidential Dog Food Report: The 9 Very Best, Ultra-Healthy, Dog Food Brands in all of North America”. Please check out Dog Food Secrets Review.

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What is Premium Dog Food? 

Dogs require a balanced diet of meat, vegetables and quality grains, and premium dog food provides these nutrients without adding inexpensive fillers and preservatives.  Check the labels of the food you’re buying, or if you’re confused by the label, check with your vet or other dog owners for diet suggestions.

Remember that technically, any dog food company can make claims that their brand of food is “premium dog food,” so you’ll need to know what to look for when selecting the right dog food for your pet.  If possible, try to buy a premium dog food with “human-grade” ingredients.  This ensures you that the food you’re feeding your pet is safe for human consumption.

The Benefits of Using Premium Dog Food

There are several benefits of using only premium dog food to feed your pet.  Below is just a small sampling of those benefits: 

  • Better Nutritional Value.  When you buy an inexpensive dog food you never know for sure what you might be getting.  Most of these foods are loaded with corn meal and gluten fillers that provide nothing but empty, and often, harmful calories.  With premium food you can be sure that your dog is receiving the nutrients he needs with each meal.
  • Healthier Weight and More Energy.  Once your dog adjusts to a premium dog food, you’ll undoubtedly find that he eats less, and because he’s getting the required amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients he needs, will have more energy as well.
  • Less Health Risks.  The additives and preservatives in inexpensive dog food can cause a whole host of health problems.  Some of the chemicals present in these foods, for example, can cause allergies and skin conditions, while others can lead to even more dangerous conditions such as blindness or cancer.


Inexpensive dog foods are loaded with “bad” ingredients—chemicals, fillers and by-products—which can lead to malnutrition and a number of adverse health conditions.  Instead of taking the risk with one of these inexpensive brands, select a premium dog food with all-natural, human grade ingredients.  The benefits to your pet, both nutritionally and medically, will be well worth the extra cost. 

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